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Vital Hair Care Products for Men

Vital Hair Care Products for Men

You know, there are very few men out there who will pay attention to the products that they are putting in their hair. However, if you wish to look the best that you possibly can, then it is probably worth knowing a little about the various hair care products that are available to you. On this page, we are going to look at some of the most ‘popular’.


Most hair waxes on the market seem to have attracted the name ‘pomade’. However, it is worth knowing that pomade is a very, very specific type of product. It is a hair wax especially for damp hair. It gives you a nice hold and a nice shine. If you have short or medium hair, then this product may be right up your street.

Dry Shampoo

It is important that you do not wash your hair every day. It will strip away the natural oils of your hair, which can lead to it looking rather drab. Instead, you should invest in some dry shampoo. Feel free to give your hair a rinse with water, there are no issues with that, but after it has dried, apply the dry shampoo. It will work wonders when it comes to keeping your hair in pristine condition.


This will be applied to dry, shorter hair. You will get a medium-strength hold with very little shine. You should use hair wax if you are aiming for that ‘understated’ look.


If you head to your local pharmacy, then you will see hair gel after hair gel. Avoid them. They are awful. Instead, opt for a better quality hair gel. Try to get something which is very light. It will give you a decent hold while at the same time ensuring that your hair follicles are not damaged. If you want a good shine, then you should apply the gel to some towel-dried hair.

Grooming Cream

If you have medium or long hair, then you may want to opt for grooming cream. This is one of only a few hair care products on the market which can give you control over longer styles of hair. Once you have applied this product to your hair, you should use a blow dryer. It is not necessary, but a blow dryer will give you a nice, firm hold.


If you want a strong hold with a matte finish, then opt for fiber. Your hair will need to be completely dry before you add this. You should be using fiber if you want one of those messy styles that seem to be all the rage now. Never use gel for this. It looks abysmal!

If you can’t decide which look you love the most, then go for some good quality hair paste. You can apply it to most hair types. It can also be applied to both wet and dry hair, giving you a nice matte finish. It is easy to work with too, resulting in some crazy styles.

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